I believe in employee happiness, as should all bosses and companies, but being productive is obviously also important. I want everyone in my office to be productive, but I don’t want them to feel absolutely stressed. I created a helpful list to ensure productivity without risking the feel of our workplace environment.


1. Prioritize

Prioritizing your tasks is an easy way to ensure you get enough done during your work day. Not only are you getting enough done, you’re getting important tasks done. When you start the day, make a list of at least three things you think should be accomplished. Even if it’s only three things, it’s going to be three things that will make an impact. The smaller tasks are usually the ones that can be done with the leftover extra time or placed between the second and third bigger tasks. That’s how I tell my employees to look at it. It seems to work with them, but I am always open to their opinions if they feel a change needs to be made.

2. Create an Agenda for all Meetings

Creating an agenda will ensure that the meeting isn’t too long and it covers all necessary points. When there’s no agenda, the meeting can go off topic and waste time. The best kind of meeting is one that is quick and to the point.

3. Don’t Lose Sight of the Importance of a Pleasant Work Environment

A pleasant work environment in itself makes workers more productive. They actually want to work and enjoy working. If employees are wishing they were home the whole day, productivity is going to be low.

4. Take Short Breaks

Small breaks can make a larger impact than you think. Even if it’s just doing a lap around the office, stepping outside for a few minutes or taking some time to adjust the height of your chair. Sitting in the same exact spot in the same exact way can get uncomfortable. Taking that extra few minutes to refresh and get comfortable can make all the difference!

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