If Not Archways, Then Check Out Some Spiffy Ceilings!


Hey there everyone. I haven’t posted in a little while, but thankfully things have finally calmed down on my end a bit, so here I am. Thankfully, everything I need in the office is finally up to snuff. Even my HVAC issues are being taken care of!

Despite all that, my work is hardly done. Now that the office is functioning and my business is technically up and running, the space we’re in frankly just feels…flat, I suppose. It’s fine, really, but it’s pretty barren right now. It’s all plain walls and ceilings, you know? I’m exploring different avenues to make our space more interesting, but I’m leaning towards dressing up the place a little. One idea I initially had to make our entryway more appealing was to add some kind of archway facade. I looked into a lot of different places, but one of the companies I came across in a quick google search is simply called “Archways & Ceilings”. Can you guess what they do?

That bit of snark aside, they have a really thorough site and it seems there’s plenty of options, in addition to their custom archways. After looking through their various products, I’m also looking into their ceiling kits. I think the designs they have available can certainly make our space feel more welcoming and impressive to anyone that steps inside.

As it stands, our small foyer, such that it is, is basically an empty room outside our office-proper. It’s well enough furnished, but the walls are pretty barren. With a bit of paint and especially those extra flourishes from Archways products, it’ll be like a whole new space. This is just one example of what I could do here; my office space has plenty of spots where things can simply look better.

Honestly, with all of the options that are listed, and how significant a decision like this could be, I was pretty intimidated at first. Thankfully, there are plenty of instructions to install any custom archway or ceiling kit you may buy. I’m looking into both their archways and ceiling kits, experimenting with what might be right for my needs. And if you’re not sure what exactly you want, they have a page of videos showing off some of your products. Here’s their Video Center–it’s also pretty fascinating just to see how they’re put together. (Without the fear of screwing it up if you’re putting these together yourself)

I guess the last thing I have for you this time is simply one of those aforementioned videos: The Groin Vault is one type of ceiling kit that I’m looking into: