Or, Dealing With My First Major HVAC Hurdle

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Alright, so here we are. We have everything moved in, but not everything entirely figured out. You see, the office has a central air conditioning/heating system. Or at least it’s supposed to. The equipment is there, but I can’t tell how or why the system in place is barely functioning. I mean, it does what I need it to, but it seems to take an awfully long time to notice any difference in the temperature or air quality after starting it up. As the weather gets colder, I’m concerned that the heating system is going to fail when we need it most. So right now, before I make any new additions to the office, I have to make sure that the system is as efficient as it can be. I was recommended the BP Group by a friend, so I think I’m ultimately going to have to give them a call. I was skeptical of bringing in outside help at first, but the information on their site combined with my own increasingly apparent need to get my own HVAC system checked is making my decision for me. First thing in the morning I’m going to call in and see what they can do to help me out.

For the moment, I suppose I’m left to peruse their site. I guess the first thing I’ll ask about is this Preventative Maintenance service that they provide. That link basically explains its importance: why wait to fix something that’s REALLY broken if you can prevent it from happening in the first place? Of course, there’s plenty more to check out by this BP Group. Anyway, I’m sure they’ll be able to diagnose the problem. I hope it’s not too serious of course, but this is the best way to find out. At this point, if it is something serious, I’ll already be in touch with the BP Group to fix whatever arises. I’m obviously no expert at these HVAC Maintenance systems, but with everything going on right now, I’m content with not letting myself really worry about HVAC problems. With what I’ve heard and seen of BP Group, I’m pretty sure that my building’s HVAC system is in good hands.

Thankfully, beyond this whole HVAC Maintenance snafu, I think that things are really coming into shape around the office. It feels a bit barren right now, but that’ll change as we’re settled in more. I was certainly stressing at first when I couldn’t figure out what issues our HVAC system might have, but now that I figured out a plan of action going forward, I might be able to sleep a little easier tonight.

One last thing, If you’re like me and didn’t know what to do about your building’s HVAC system, check out this video I found that helps explain the process a little better than I can. Here it is; I hope you find and fix whatever problem you run across!
PS: The video is actually part one of a series, if you’re so inclined: