It’s 2016 and everyone in the office agreed we needed something new, so I decided to dive into finding some new pieces of office furniture. We already have all the basic office furniture, so we wanted something different. I came across some pieces that are considered to be home office furniture, but my co-workers and I liked them so much that we couldn’t find a reason not to have them in our regular office, plus the chairs looked mighty comfortable.

We ended up ordering a few executive chairs for the meeting room, a modern shelving unit and an awesome oval desk for the front. Just a few new pieces helped to spice up the place. It’s nice to have new things to look at and use when you’re in the same place everyday. Not many people consider the home office pieces for the actual office, but we did and we are happy with our selections!

Once we got some of our new pieces, I noticed that people were inspired to continue. Some were cleaning up their clutter and starting to organize, while others were bringing in personal items, such as picture frames and decorations, for their desks. I’m thinking the addition of the modern furniture made them want to improve the office experience even more. I’ve read a few articles that say office style is important for productivity. I’ve also learned it’s good to personalize your work area, it brings happiness.

Here are a few things I learned through my research:

1.Office plants have been shown to reduce stress, help keep you focus and even help keep you healthy.
2.The way you decorate your space actually sends a message about you to your co-workers.
3.If you’re not near a window or door, a sunlight lamp can help to brighten the space, which is beneficial for productivity.
4.Color coding your materials is a fun and creative way to give your work space structure.


Look at what I learned just by investing in new office furniture! I am looking forward to personalizing my space. You should try it too!
Here’s a video I came across during my research with good tips for work and home!